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In perfect union of a Magi's craft, Artificing combines the arcane power of elementalism and the perfect balance of crystalism to craft a mighty golem to carry out its creator's bidding.

Due to their crystalline structure, they have an innate tie to vibrations in their surroundings. A master magi can use this bond to unleash a variety of deadly effects against all who stand in their way.

Abilities in Artificing

Ability Description
Golemcraft Create a crystalline construct.
Syntax: GOLEM CREATE <crystal1> [crystal2] [crystal3] [...]

The creation of crystalline constructs is a closely guarded secret of those that practice Artifice. With this knowledge, you are able to create golems from refined crystals to serve you.

Using the golem as a focus, you are able to perform spells that would otherwise be impossible. Most spells performed in this way require a certain crystal to be part of the golem (these are noted in the relevant ability files). However, be warned. The larger your golem, the more its presence shall interfere with your crystalline vibrations, with potentially dissasterous results. The pragmatic sorcerer shall endeavor to balance both his golem's size with the number of vibrations he or she has active at any one time.

Club Have your golem strike the lesser beings.
Syntax: GOLEM CLUB <target>
Extra Information: Crystal: egg

This basic command will have your golem strike an enemy with its crystalline appendages, doing minor damage.

Smash Direct your golem to shatter the limbs of your enemies.
Syntax: GOLEM SMASH <target> [ARMS|LEGS]
Extra Information: Crystal: pentagon

You are now able to command your golem to viciously shatter the arms or legs of those that would dare stand against you.

Return Order your construct back to your side.

You are now able to command your golem to return to you from anywhere.

Hypothermia The freezing touch of Sllshya.
Syntax: GOLEM HYPOTHERMIA <target>
Extra Information: Crystal: cube

If your enemy is already frozen, you may bring a terrible cold down upon him or her, removing their ability to heal their frozen state.

Assess Determine the composition of your construct.

You are now able to tell from what crystals your construct was initially formed from, as well as how much more damage it can sustain before being destroyed.

Scald The true meaning of pain.
Syntax: GOLEM SCALD <target>
Extra Information: Crystal: cylinder

Your golem will produce a substance that, when inhaled, shall scald the throat of the unfortunate fool who dares oppose your might. This will greatly reduce the opponent's ability to restore themselves through the use of irid moss or potash crystals.

This ability may only be utilised against a prone target who is also ablaze.

Scorch Sear flesh from bone.
Syntax: GOLEM SCORCH <target>
Extra Information: Crystal: cylinder

Your golem can now set the skin of your foes ablaze.

Pummel Have your golem smash them to pieces.
Syntax: GOLEM PUMMEL <target>
Extra Information: Crystal: torus

You may now direct your golem to pummel those that suffer from a state of being frozen, dealing them significant damage.

Schematics Efficiently handle your constructs.
SCHEMATIC MEMORISE <schematic> <crystal1> [crystal2] [crystal3] [...]

You are now able to record schematics to immediately create golems from. You may also instill an already existing golem with a schematic to change its crystalline makeup.

Dehydrate Make them vulnerable to the consuming flame.
Syntax: GOLEM DEHYDRATE <target>
Extra Information: Crystal: polyhedron

You may utilise this spell against a prone target who is also ablaze. Once dehydrated, the firestorm and scorch abilities shall cause the fires searing a person's skin to escalate in ferocity through prolonged exposure. This more intense blaze will require multiple applications of the mending salve to cure.

Timeflux Disrupt the flow of time about an enemy.
Syntax: GOLEM TIMEFLUX <target>
Extra Information: Crystal: disc

Your golem may disrupt the flow of time around an enemy, extending the time it takes for their body to recover after applying a salve or balm. This ability requires the opponent to be sufficiently weakened first.

In the case of this ability, sufficiently weakened requires that the target has less than 70% of their maximum health.

Impurity Introduce impurities into the blood of your opposition.
Syntax: GOLEM IMPURITY <target> <aff>
Extra Information: Crystal: egg

With your knowledge of elemental manipulation combined with your golem as a foci, you are able to introduce impurities into the blood of one who would dare oppose you. Valid impurities are: paralysis, anorexia, asthma, and stupidity.

Barrier Raise a protective shield.
Extra Information: Crystal: spiral

Command your golem to summon a protective shield about yourself.

Inferno Bring forth a raging inferno.
Extra Information: Crystal: diamond

Your golem is now capable of summoning forth a raging inferno. For as long as the flames rage, they shall periodically sear the flesh of all those in their location.

Be warned. Fire is truly an indiscriminate force. You shall not be spared from an inferno, even if you were the one to call it forth.

Firestorm The very world shall burn at your command.
Extra Information: Crystal: diamond

If an inferno rages, you may use your golem as a focus to summon forth a truly terrible firestorm. Infernos shall spread to all adjacent rooms.

Restore Restore some of your construct's energy.

At the cost of some mana, you may restore a portion of the energy that sustain's your construct.

Hypnotise Draw them into slumber.
Syntax: GOLEM HYPNOTISE <target>
Extra Information: Crystal: pyramid

Your golem can mesmerise a victim, forcing them to drift off to sleep.

Destroy The wrath of Kkractle is terrible indeed.
Syntax: GOLEM DESTROY <target>
Extra Information: Crystal: pyramid

The wrath of Kkractle is truly terrible indeed. If a subject's skin is already melting under exposure to heat(*), they will be sufficiently vulnerable for you to unleash the wrath of Kkractle against them. Your golem is able to direct a sliver of the Primal Flame's power, utterly annihilating your foe, denying them even the respite of the star's blessing.

(*) This requires that they have been afflicted with ablaze, then had the affliction escalate at least 4 times while under the influence of the dehydration affliction.

Fewer stacks of the ablaze affliction will be required the lower the target's health may be.

Deconstruct Break your construct down into its base components.

You are now capable of deconstructing your golem, receiving back the crystals that you used to create it.

Destabilise The power to destabilise crystalline vibrations is formidable indeed.
Extra Information: Crystal: sphere

Your mastery over your golem allows you to channel various tones through the construct, throwing crystalline vibrations into disarray and causing them to become unstable. This will inevitably cause the vibration to be destroyed, but their instability will cause them to have various potent effects upon the location before they expire.

Dissipate: drains mana from everyone in the room.
Palpitation: deals damage to everyone in the room.
Heat: deals fire damage and causes ablaze to everyone in the room.
Alarm: informs you of all people in the local area.
Tremors: creates rubble to block the exits of the room.
Reverberation: destroys all monolith, cube, knife, and eye sigils on the ground in your location.
Adduction: will attempt to draw all those in adjacent locations into the room.
Harmony: will restore health to everyone in the room.
Creeps: afflicts everyone in the room with fear, agoraphobia, and claustrophobia.
Silence: blocks all useage of communication channels for a short time.
Revelation: strips the phase, astralform, or blackwind defences from everyone in the room.
Grounding: launches everyone in the room into the sky.
Oscillate: deals minor damage and afflicts everyone in the room with both epilepsy and stupidity.
Disorientation: prones and gives dizziness to everyone in the room.
Energise: restores some health for each person besides the destabiliser in the room.
Stridulation: disrupts the mental equilibrium of everyone in the room.
Gravity: forces all those in the sky above back to the ground.
Dissonance: breaks all magical shields protecting adventurer's in the room.
Plague: breaks the limbs of everyone in the room.
Lullaby: strips the metawake defence and prevents its reapplication for a short time.
Retardation: afflicts everyone in the room with the curse of Aeon.
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