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Available to members of the Sentinel class, Woodlore imparts adventurers who practise it with the expertise of laying traps, summoning animal guardians, and performing a variety of other combat-related, forestal abilities.

The skill was first taught to members of the Sentinels Guild by Vixen after she had in turn learned the art from Etarni during her extended stay in the village of the Tomacula, following the Sentinels' act of annihilating their Groves to cure Vixen of a feverish ailment that had befallen her.

Abilities in Woodlore

Ability Description
Hide Conceal yourself in the shadows.
Swinging Swing up into the trees like a monkey on kola.
Traps The ability to search for traps in your location.
Dart A trap that shoots out a poisoned dart at its victim.
Fox Summon a lithe vixen to attack your enemies.
Barkskin Make your skin tough like bark.
Trip Knock an unruly foe to the ground.
Snare Trap your enemies like the stupid beasts they are.
Lemming Summon a suspiciously helpful lemming to your aid.
Returning The ability to throw an axe such that it will return.
Firstaid Use your knowledge of healing to reduce bleeding.
Disarm Attempt to disarm a trap.
Noose A trap to strangle your enemies.
Raven Call a raven to aid you in combat.
Catapult A trap that will throw your enemies out of the room.
Campfire Build a campfire to soothe the body and soul.
Badger Call for the aid of a very grumpy badger.
Clothesline A trap that will rip open the jugular of a victim.
Alarm Put an alarm on a trap.
Grab Use an axe to pull someone in from a nearby room.
Impale Impale attackers on a spear or trident.
Harvesting The ability to harvest plants for Concoctions.
Dustbomb Numb the senses of this trap's victims.
Butterfly Summon a butterfly to assist you in combat.
Horseshoe A trap that stuns its victims with a blow to the head.
Thornspray Attack your enemies with a flurry of flying thorns.
Conceal Conceal the nature of a trap's effect.
Spinning Set up a defensive shield with a spear or trident.
Wolf Call the mighty grey wolf to your side.
Darts A trap to quickly overload an enemy with poisons.