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Terminus is the Depthswalker art of discovering and utilising the words of power to invoke changes upon the world. The dreaded Tsol'teth were the first and most infamous users of this powerful set of abilities, and use it they did with deadly potency. Despite this, no single person has ever truly mastered Terminus; indeed, the reason for Tsol'teth rarely working alone is that diversification is the only way that all of the various branches of Terminus could be available to them simultaneously.

Though Terminus supplies many great and terrible powers--the Tsol'teth Litany of Obedience being a prime example--its true strength comes from its diversity. One day a Depthswalker may subjugate the wills of those that stand in opposition; the next call down lightning to scourge an opposing army. Knowing is half the battle.

General Abilities in Terminus

Ability Description
Research Knowledge is power.
Syntax: RESEARCH <tree>

While both Aeonics and Shadowmancy made the Tsol'teth terrible indeed, it was the art of Terminus that allowed them to perform many of their more cataclysmic feats of power. Terminus allows one to use the ancient Tsol'teth language to enact various outcomes; some are relatively minor, and some are near miracles in their scope.

However, the knowledge of the Tsol'teth was guarded jealously, and no one person could learn it all. As you progress through the skill you shall gain access to various research trees that you may study. The more you study a tree, the more abilities you shall unlock. As you progress you shall also be able to study more trees, as your mental capacity shall expand to accommodate.

Note: tier 1 through 4 abilities all cost one research point. Tier 5 abilities cost 2, though tier 5 abilities are not available until later in Terminus.

You must be in an equipped Terminus lab to research trees - the only currently known lab is accessed through the MEMORY ability in Aeonics.

Hunting The acquisition of strength.
Details: You have now unlocked the hunting research tree. This tree has a focus on being able to defeat denizens more efficiently.
Trusad Your precision is without compare.
Details: This word of power enhances your precision against denizens, raising your critical hits chance.
Tsuura The first step is survival.
Details: This word of power shall convey a defence upon you that shall make you more able to resist the damage dealt by denizens.
Kail Turn aside your foes.
Details: This word of power shall summon forth a prismatic barrier to protect you(*).

* This ability incurs an equilibrium cost in addition to the standard word balance cost.

Longevity Who doesn't want to live forever?
Details: You have now unlocked the longevity research tree.

This has a focus on abilities to make you heal yourself more efficiently, or to push the boundaries of what is possible in that capacity.

Augmentation Only the best.

You have now unlocked the augmentation research tree. This tree allows you to make improvements to the tools of Shadowmancy, among other things. Note that augmented items only function at their improved capacity while you retain knowledge of the requisite ability from this tree.

Environmental The world is your weapon.

You have now unlocked the environmental research tree. This tree focusses upon manipulation of the surrounding environments, both for offensive and defensive purposes.

Conquest The might of the warlords.

You have now unlocked the conquest research tree. This tree focusses upon ways to optimise confrontations between armies, and was a favoured branch by the Tsol'teth of old.

Purge The mind is malleable.

You are now able to purge your mind of progress in a given research tree. This will not remove your ability to access that tree, just any progress you have made in currently studying it. This has a 24 hours cooldown.

Mastery Master your chosen field.
Details: You are now able to complete your study of a research tree, learning it all the way to completion.

Note that you may only master one research tree at this time.

Dominion Control, control, control.

You have now unlocked the dominion research tree. Possibly one of the things that made the Tsol'teth so infamous was their ability to bend others to their will. This research tree was what permitted them to do so.

Fulcrum The centre of your power.

Your fulcrum is both a haven and staging point. By speaking this word of power you may mark a location; then you may return to it from anywhere. It is said the true Tsol'teth can cross both planar and continental boundaries. You are not so knowledgeable to accomplish such a task, so are confined to only being able to return to your fulcrum from the same continent and plane.

Note that all fulcrums are purged at dawn, without exception. Not even the Tsol'teth were able to overcome this limitation, though the weakness was religiously guarded. Additionally, a fulcrum once placed cannot be changed until the next dawn, and you may only have one fulcrum in existence at a time. Choose wisely!

Truevoice True voice of the Tsol'teth.

Your voice now possesses such power that your incantations can bypass even the power of the silence vibrations that magi may bring forth in their feeble attempts to thwart you.

Diversify Mediocrity is unacceptable.

Your mastery has reached such a point that you may now learn up to two research trees to completion, gaining the capstone ability of both.