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The village of Orilla
Leader The village elders
Exports terracotta

The village of Orilla was the first above-ground settlement discovered in Meropis, after the coastal storms of 506 AF cleared a route from the Vasnari Mountains to the eastern half of the continent. The Gulf of Nilakantha to the north serves as a popular harbour for travellers.


Orilla is located upon the continent of Meropis, on the coast of the Daoric Plains. The village is nestled at the northern end of the Nilakantha River as it empties into the Gulf of Nilakantha.


The villagers of Orilla are reffered to as "Orillans".


Wearing little more than loincloths, the people of Orilla have light brown skin and ebony hair. Most villagers wear several long, beaded necklaces around their necks, and some exhibit tattoos down their limbs. Only a few villagers wear animal hides around their shoulders, marking them as the village elders.

Orillans appear to speak Achaean, greeting travellers with a promise of rest.


West of the Orillan harbour is a small general store, administered by the merchant Lilen. Yaima runs a bait shop on the eastern edge of the village, and Pichi sells a small selection of food. During Mayan 507 AF, Yenien opened a public stall in Orilla, allowing anyone to sell their goods through him.

Notable locations

There is a newsroom located in the village meeting hall.