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Mining is an organized system of extracting valuable raw commodities and rare minerals from the earth by constructing a mine and hiring miners.

Mines and Strongholds

Mines can only be constructed upon lodes which show up from time to time near dedicated mining camps. Upon each one of the mining camps is a stronghold, the adventurer who controls the stronghold recieves the benefit of collecting a 5% bonus of all claimed commodities within it's influence.

There are 13 known mining camps on Sapience:

Location Area
Amid the vast Mhojave Mhojave Desert
Hillside near a lake Dakhota Hills
Northern Shamtota nearing Pachacacha Shamtota Hills
Along the southern rim of Pash Valley Pash Valley
Valley in the shadow of Dun mountain Vashnar Mountains
Scrubby slope of Siroccian mountains Siroccian Mountains
The base of the descent into Dun Valley Dun Valley
Pathway between steep hills Granite Hills
Through the rolling hills Granite Hills
Among some small mountains Southern Vashnars
Into the mountains Southern Vashnars
Ice Plains Frozen Tundra
Broad overlook above the fissure Fissure of Echoes