Tsol'aa village

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The Tsol'aa village of the Aalen
Leader King Tu'eras
Discoverer Haidion

Located at the centre of the Aalen Forest is the Tsol'aa village, home to the eldest of Achaea's mortal races, the Tsol'aa. The homes of these forest folk are built vertically, rising high into the treetops of the massive redwoods that make up the Aalen.



The Tsol'aa village is headed by a royal family. The current king and queen are Tu'eras and his mother Celaabi. Tu'eras' father is dead, having forced the son to take his father's position at a rather young age. The elder druid Thaa'lis watches over the forest home of the Tsol'aa. The other villagers have various occupations ranging from baker to librarian to alchemist.


There are a few stores within the Tsol'aa village. The commodity shop sells wood, cloth, and elemental ice. Zeuris' bakery is famous for its waybread, which will last much longer than normal food and is useful for long journeys. Zeuris is also known for her rare fishcakes, of which the queen is a very big (no pun intended) fan. The clothing store sells a few traditional Tsol'aa garments, including gloves made from the pelts of the rabbits which live in the forest. The local stable sells a mighty boar and a majestic stag.