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Discoverer Oswald Snowmantle

Ulangi is a large island off the southeastern coast of the main continent of Sapience.


Ulangi was found by Oswald Snowmantle in the year 264 AF. The Sentinel was flying in Tasur'ke, above Caspian's Tower, when a strong wind came and took him. He was blown all about in this massive storm before being roughly dropped somewhere he had never been before.

He could not track back nor use his Grove to return. Upon surveying the area, he found himself to be on an island called Ulangi, which we now know is an island off the southeast coast of Sapience. He wandered the island, fearing for his safety, and in doing so, he came across a Sentinel whom he had never heard of and spoke with him of rituals and quests.

Luckily, Oswald found a newsroom on the island and thus was able to safely compose posts to the whole of Achaea, making valuable contact with the world across the seas. In his public news posts, Oswald spoke of two villages: one of devout, magic-using Grooks, and another of hive-dwelling Horkvals, the shock-troops of Aegis during the War of Humanity.

The Sentinels and Lord Caspian arranged a rescue of the marooned Oswald, and in this way did he return to Sapience with yet more tales of his adventures.


The isle of Ulangi lies to the southeast of the continent. From the fishing village of Shastaan, a short, reasonably priced ferry ride, manned by Gareth, will get you there. From Ulangi, one can also gain passage to the nearby island of Mysia. The western coast of Ulangi sports a sandy coastline from north to south, though the sand dunes grow especially thick at the northwestern corner of the isle.

The northern half of Ulangi is dominated by a boggy marsh. Within this northern marshland may be found the grook village of Ogalla, and just outside the village's limits is the hut of the outcast known as Balai the Scorned.

The centre of the island is a stand of mountains, in the middle of which is an extinct volcano. Deep within the crevices of the dead volcano dwells the bustling mecca of Horkvali activity known as the Rapo'kir Hive.

An expansive forest spans Ulangi's southern half. It is home to a variety of wildlife, as well as the reclusive Serach and the forest lich Melkhiour. The treeline extends upward onto the cliffs of the isle's extinct volcano, creating a misty cloud forest which is so steep, it may be only be reached by trekking through the mountains. Animals that have made their homes here include deer like the elusive King Stag, bobcats, pheasants, hummingbirds, and badgers. Many species of trees constitute this forest, mostly evergreen but with some deciduous, and include maple, oak, pine, fir, cedar, dogwood, and Lachesian spiderflower. The Ulangi forest was presided over by the forest spirit Polyhymnia before the return of Gaia in the seventh century.