Ivory Mark

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Originally based in the fishing town of Jaru, the Ivory Mark is an organisation of combatants who undertake the cause of championing individuals who have been wronged and are unable to avenge themselves. Those of the Ivory Mark receive no compensation for their work, as opposed to the assassins of the Quisalis Mark. The Mark was led by Lord Makarta until the year 446 AF, when he was murdered at a wedding upon the isle of Delos by Isiva, a member of the Quisalis, his ivory helm stolen as a trophy.

Fifteen years later, the Arcadian princess Atlantia succeeded in taking back the helm from deep within the Quisalis caves beneath New Thera, thus becoming the new head of the Ivory Mark. As per her decision, those seeking to uphold the noble cause of the Mark must now find Atlantia at the Ivory Tower in the Sangre Plains, near the Halls of Combat.