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This article is about the modern-day blacksmith. For the historical figure, see Rico.

Rico, the Theran blacksmith, spends his days working in the stifling heat of the smithy in New Thera. In autumn of 673 he announced to the world his selling of quality training weapons from his smithy.

Rico's Wares

training scimitar - 2000gp
The scimitar appears to be of southeastern origin, probably Shallamese. Its hilt is wrapped in bright red cloth, with a bit draping off, and its crosspiece has a serpentine curve to it. The blade itself curves slightly back, and the inside curve is not edged.
training longsword - 2000gp
Crafted simply, with rigid right-angles at the hilt, this longsword possesses fine workmanship. It has a split-leather grip ending in a slight pommel, and the crossbar is covered with some simple, engraved patterns.
training broadsword - 2000gp
Possessing a slightly broader and shorter blade than a longsword, this instrument of war is functional and beautiful. The Theran workmanship is of finest quality. The seal of the Theran blacksmiths is etched very slightly into the blade, and no doubt stands out brightly when the blade is blooded.
training battleaxe - 2000gp
Possessing a medium-length wooden hilt topped by a pair of deadly-looking axeblades, this weapon is the favourite of many dwarves. Carved into one of the blades is the traditional symbol of many dwarves, the Hammer of Phaestus.
training flail - 2000gp
This flail has a fairly short wooden handle, with a leather loop at the end. Three chains are attached to the other end, each leading to separate fist-sized iron ball, dotted with evil-looking spikes.
training morning star - 2000gp
A short wooden handle connected to a large iron ball by an iron chain, the morning star makes you wonder at the expression of fear on a victim's face shortly before his skull is shattered by this fearsome weapon.
training rapier (songblessed) - 2000gp
Slim, light, and well-balanced, with a beautifully ornate hilt, this rapier looks to be fit for a true artist of swordplay. A soft, haunting melody emanates from this blade.
training shortsword - 2000gp
The shortsword looks to be of a good make, but is otherwise unadorned. Its simple crosspiece curls slightly at either end.
training warhammer - 2000gp
A warhammer forged with blackened steel and black walnut for the handle. The workmanship is good, though unfamiliar.
training bastard sword - 2000gp
This two-handed weapon is similar to a longsword in shape and size, but has a longer hilt, and perhaps a slightly heavier blade. Many are the opponents who have trembled upon seeing one of the Delosian Rangers bearing down upon them with one of their signature bastard swords.