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Candise, the casino waitress of the Ace of Spades Casino in New Thera, moves from room to room offering exotic cocktails to gamblers from the golden platter she holds above her head. Scantily-clad, her hips generously accentuate the frill that wreaths her short, black dress outlined with gold thread. A nametag that reads, "Candise - Please, no touching." is pinned to her chest, and it serves as a warning to those who might otherwise dare to arouse the ire of Lord Hermes and His Divine Order.

Candise's Wares

Ramble's Treat - 125gp
A creamy blend named after the Wanderer's favourite kitten, Ramble's Treat is a mix of equal parts vodka, kawhe liqueur, and light cream. The cocktail is shaken and served over ice in a short, stout cocktail glass etched with a spade symbol containing the letter 'A'.
Queen of Hearts - 115gp
Sweet and fruity, this stylised strawberry daiquiri is served in a tall, transparent pink glass. A well-blended mix of light rum, lime juice, triple sec, chipped ice, a dash of sugar, and plenty of pulverised fresh strawberries, this alcoholic cocktail is a rich red colour.
Telepathic Mindshock - 110gp
An ounce of pineapple vodka and half an ounce of blue curacao give this shot an electric blue colour. It is served in a clear, colourless shot glass etched with an ascending spiral pattern.
Flagon of Trampled Pathways ale - 55gp
Served in a large flagon, the brew for this ale includes ginger and myrrh. Rich amber in colour, it bears a thick, foamy head. A curved handle juts out from the side and is encircled by a snake carved into it.
Khulia Island Iced Tea - 120gp
Poured over numerous icecubes in a snifter glass that drips with condensation, this iced tea has been sweetened with sugar syrup. Other additions to the mix are splashes of vodka, rum, and orange liqueur, their alcoholic flavours masked by the spice of the tea. A slice of lemon on top adds flair to the drink.