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The Quisalis Mark is an organisation of individuals who, for a price, will carry out assassinations on a given target. Headquartered in New Thera, the Quisalis were once recruited by the late assassin Callibius, but recruitment duties now fall to his son, Derillin Yu'tar. Members often wear a flowing cloak of blackened cloth bearing contrasting embroidery, depicting the image of a vibrant serpentine symbol sewn carefully into the centre of the fabric.

In the year 446 AF, shortly after the murder of Lord Makarta of the Ivory Mark, a network of caves was discovered beneath New Thera. Dakrol, the SwiftBlade, Isiva, the Blood Maiden, and Nevon Talkar, the Triad of leaders presiding over this branch of the Quisalis Mark, lair here, as do older members of the organisation who oversee the training of initiates. Also of note is Katzynn Fireforge, the resident elementalist who controls the earth elementals found in the caves. Qui'sas hunters wielding bows and arrows slither amongst the shadows, and it is rumoured that the once-lost crypt beast prowls here as well.

The name "Quisalis" is derived from the ancient assassins of Lord Thoth who fought in the War of Humanity.