Lucretian Athenaeum

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The Lucretian Athenaeum, the largest public library in Sapience, opened in the month of Mayan, 396 AF. The library is located in New Thera and manned by Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum; Maejin, the Archivist Apprentice of the Lucretian Athenaeum; Lara, the Keeper of the Scrolls; and Mydoin, the bookseller. The Athenaeum has also employed its share of adventurer librarians, including Johanna Fischer-Gale, its first. Eventually, a second library position was filled by Madelyne Jinx.

In 446 AF, Nissa announced the opening of newly expanded Athenaeum and that the library had begun accepting submissions from adventurers for inclusion into its holdings. Bards and scholars alike may submit their works to be reviewed by the librarians of the Athenaeum.

A mysterious thief created a golem from the very books of the libray in 520 AF. The creature rampaged through the halls of the Athenaeum, smashing everything and everyone in its path. After adventurers bested the creature in Tasur'ke they returned to New Thera where they assisted Mydoin in helping sift through heaping piles of debris.

Nissa sent out invitations to the elite of Achaean society in 538 AF, welcoming them to a Grand Soiree to raise funds for the library. The benefit was a tremendous success, raising funds beyond the staff's wildest dreams. Adventurers dressed in the height of contemporary fashion enjoyed performances from the Carnivalis Institute of Jestering and Ty Beirdd, a recapturing of historical events by Tyrandiel, and an auction which found adventurers bidding for coveted items such as Grimhorn, Freedom's Ward, the rapier belonging to General Fargon, Garrindel's Left Hand a rapier which once belonged to the legendary Shallamese General Garrindel, and a rose belonging to Lady Melantha. Achaean rulers in attendance included the Great Mhunna, the dryad queen Titania, and Daqsool, the Qoul of Tir Murann.

In 538 AF, The Athenaeum hosted the Tower of the Chroniclers of Lore, as well as the Theran Teahouse run by Lady Miye. Tyrandiel, the resident tutor who offers skill training to all adventurers, can also be found here.