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A totem is a protective item crafted by practitioners of the Runelore skill. Made of wood, leather, and silver, a carved totem can be sketched with up to six runes that will affect all those the totem is tuned against.

Although they can be carried around for defence by Shamans and Runewardens, totems are often implanted in the ground to aid in the protection of a locale. Certain organisations, including Houses, Cities, Divine Orders, the Church of Achaea, and Oakstone may own totems. Individuals may also own totems.

If a totem is empowered, it will report to its owner or to its tuned organisation when it is the object of hostile smudging or uprooting attempts.

Runes that may be sketched on totems include the following:

  • Kena
  • Fehu
  • Pithakhan
  • Inguz
  • Nairat
  • Tiwaz
  • Wunjo
  • Sowulu
  • Mannaz
  • Sleizak
  • Loshre

The speed of the Runewarden implanting or uprooting a totem may be increased with the artefact Runic Gauntlet.