Horn of plenty

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The horn of plenty is an artefact sold by Merentesh in his artefact shop on the Isle of Delos. Crafted from a goat's large blue-grey horn and inlaid with silver, it has a chance of producing one of several different types of food each Achaean day, from fresh-baked pies to savoury meats to sweet, ripened fruits. For a nominal credit fee, the contents of the horn can be customised with the owner's own selection of foodstuffs.

During the Itinerant Bazaar's first visit to Sapience, Kelath's herd of Almathean goats managed to break free. As a reward for having retrieved the travelling merchant's prized Almathean buck, Lethar Xanatov was gifted with the first ever horn of plenty.


  • Small loaf of waybread
  • Smoked pork loin sandwich
  • Strawberry pie
  • Turkey potpie
  • Wheel of smoked cheddar