Box of chocolates

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Richly fashioned from elegant, gold satin with flat braids of amber, the satin-wrapped box of chocolates is a special artefact which produces an endless supply of different varieties of chocolate candy. This luxurious box and its accompanying sumptuous treats can be purchased from Merentesh's artefact shop in Delos.


  • Boar made of dark chocolate
  • Chocolate and coconut medallion
  • Chocolate mint oak tree
  • Chocolate raspberry butterfly
  • Dark chocolate bat
  • Dark chocolate bow
  • Dark chocolate heart
  • Dark chocolate rose
  • Hazelnut-coated chocolate
  • Milk chocolate star
  • Milk chocolate sword
  • Small heart-shaped chocolate
  • White and dark chocolate seashell
  • White chocolate dove
  • White chocolate heart
  • White chocolate owl
  • White chocolate snowflake
  • White chocolate unicorn