Explorer's Tome

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Invested with incantations tied to the very earth, the Explorer's Tome is a Miscellaneous Artefact that will report how much of the area where the owner currently is has been explored. It can be purchased for 500 credits in the Miscellaneous Artefact Shop in Delos.


The Explorer's Tome description is the following:

This thick tome is filled with thick parchment pages bearing the records of a legion of expeditions across the world of Achaea. The wooden slats of the tome's cover have been bound in heavy canvas, providing durable protection against the ravages of the elements and time. The thick parchment of the pages contained within the tome are ragged along the edges, and many of the corners of the pages have been dog-eared over time, indicating that this tome has seen consistent use.


To use this most incredible artefact, one must READ <tome>, when the following information will be provided, being X the percentage of the current area that has been explored:

As you open the cover, well-worn pages flip wildly through your fingers, opening to a blank page. Wisps of ethereal ink suddenly churn across the parchment, coalescing rapidly to show the number "X".