Eagle's wings

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Perfectly preserved from a noble eagle, the eagle's wings artefact is outfitted with a pair of leather straps allowing them to be worn by an adventurer. Carved into the straps is the word Duanathar which, when uttered, will cause the wings to spring to life and carry their wearer to the clouds, or Duanathara which takes them to above the clouds, locations high above Sapience that connect to many places. As with many artefacts, these can be purchased from Merentesh in Delos.

Eagle's wings are the most basic set of artefact wings, outclassed by its rarer cousins, the more advanced Atavian wings, the oceanic island wings, and the peerless Chenubian wings. For the traveller on an even more limited budget, the single-use heron feathers have similar capability.

When on Sapience, destinations for the eagle's wings are:

When on Meropis, cloud destinations include: