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The plane of Memory is a shadowy dimension populated with historical imagery made manifest. The plane seethes with psychic impressions, where mortal and immortal replicas and scenes lost to time recur endlessly. Their permutations are limited by recollection and their replication is often imperfect, influenced by the perception of collective memory.

It was from the plane of Memory that Lupus attempted to summon and resurrect his memory of the dead Selene, an act counter to the fundamental strictures of reality. The act tapped into the horrors of the rise of Bal'met, the aggregate fear releasing memory Dala'myrr and other nightmarish creatures into the Prime Material Plane.

It was also from this place that the Conclave recalled the champions of the second Reckoning to create the forays.

The icon statuette talisman is an artefact related to this plane.