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Elode, an Arcadian maiden, is an Atavian who once sold special journals at the Silverdrop Inn in Shallam. When Shallam fell she escaped, later opening a book shop in the military sector of Blackstone in the city of Targossas

Elode's Former Wares

Jade-jewelled journal - 7000gp
This plain looking midnight-black leather journal is inset with a large jade on the front cover. The magnificent sea green gem is cut into an octagon shape and is set firmly in place without any binding. Pale green tints the edges of the pure white pages within the journal.
Painted leather journal - 6500gp
Painted upon white leather, a young Atavian woman sits on a stool in front of a desk. Her luminescent wings melt into the background, and her pale locks cascade from the tip of her head to her bare feet. She wears a simple green gown that is free of any embellishments, the cut of the dress reveals her graceful neck and slender form. A soft enthralled smile painted upon her face hides secrets that only the pages of her own journal can divine. Within the cover are rose-hued pages that are bordered by green vines.
Golden journal - 7000gp
Hardened, gold cloth creates the cover for this otherwise simple journal. The only decoration on the surface is finely penned calligraphic letters in gold that shimmer against the matte covering. Sparkling like grains of sand on a sunlit beach, specks of gold are dusted on the front and back of the journal. The pages within the journal are dyed pale yellow and edged in gold.
Red journal embossed with a golden sun - 7500gp
Red leather binds together the many lustrous golden pages in this journal. A rising sun, in its entire red, orange, and yellow glory, rises from the bottom of the journal to encompass the centre. The pages themselves are touched with an array of fiery tints and create the illusion of the sun permeating through the cover and setting upon the gold sheets. A small gold plate across the top leaves space for a title.
Gold-dusted letter - 150gp
A piece of parchment has been so skilfully dyed that it appears to be a sheet of pure gold. Closer inspection reveals the fine specks of real gold that have been mixed with the pulp and dried into the sheet. The gold sparkles like sunlight and seems to capture and illuminate upon its surface the faintest ray of light. The letter may be rolled into a cylinder and tied with the attached black ribbon to keep from unrolling.
Scented, tulip-decorated letter - 150gp
Its main body bleached white; this letter has several purple tulips painted in watercolour on the bottom of the sheet. The colours are nearly translucent, and the pale greens and violets bleed into the paper to create a blurry picture. Soft flower-scented perfume wafts from the letter, the paper sprinkled with scented oil that is reminiscent of tulips, roses, and summer rain.
Pale mauve letter - 150gp
At the centre of the pale mauve letter is a faintly visible image of a large violet crystal. The primary facets are overlapped by the reflection of a crystal garden, and the seemingly smooth surface has ripples within like that of a tranquil pond. Crystals of all shapes, sizes, and colours are embedded around the primary crystal, each one refracting the other in a dazzling array of soft colour. The letter may be rolled into a cylinder and bound with the attached azure ribbon to keep from unrolling.
White letter depicting Arcadia - 200gp
Painted in pale watercolours at the bottom of this white letter is the island of Arcadia rising above smoky-coloured mists like a glimmering jewel in the faint blue of the azure sky. Catching the thermal breeze, many Atavians of all shapes and sizes swoop and dive above the city, their bright gowns and robes floating behind them like ethereal trails of colour. Floating above the apex of the city are a young couple holding each other's hands, their delicately painted faces displaying eyes that reflect only the other's gaze. The blue of the city's background fades to pure white to allow for an ample writing area.
Ivory letter with gold, silver, and blue accents - 200gp
Framed in a scrolling design of gold, silver, and sapphire blue, this ivory parchment is of the highest quality, smooth to the touch and of a medium weight. At the centre of its letterhead lies a stylised image of the heraldic arms of Shallam: a radiant sapphire upon a sunburst of alternating gold and silver rays. It has been rolled into a cylinder and tied with a blue silk ribbon.
Siren-decorated, sky-blue letter - 200gp
Fine, sky-blue parchment is decorated with delicately hand-painted images of Sirens. The petite figures, no bigger than three centimetres each, smile brightly as they play. One is portrayed as a beautiful and fearless Paladin, her painted custom armour gleaming from rich gold paint. Another is rendered in a luxuriant black and loose fitting ghi, golden roses adorning the hemlines. Almost as if she snuck onto the page, a lithe beauty dressed in clothing for ease of movement and covered with flexible scale mail carries a long and dangerous looking whip. Tucked into a corner, a charming young woman holds in her hands a journal and fine quill, a dreamy expression on her face as an angel guards her side. The last painted maiden wears multicoloured robes that display the elements in each quarter and is surrounded by spinning crystals. The centre of the page is blank and silver scrollwork fills the spaces between the Sirens.

Elode's Current Wares

A gilded filigree journal - 8000gp
Bleached leather encases a thick bundle of pale, delicate parchment, the edges of which are enhanced with gold leaf. Across the binding twist slender fronds of burnished golden filigree, drifting in a scrolling pattern toward a central emblazement: eternally poised, an angel raises her sword aloft. Secured within the tome, a satin ribbon nestles between the pages, allowing one to mark a specific spot, whilst a single silver stud presses into the spine, engraved with a diminutive wing.
A glossy indigo journal - 6000gp
Heavy leaves of parchment edged with silver comprise this thick journal. It is bound in a glossy cover of dark, inky purple, the slick glaze detailed with slender grooves and etchings that mimic intricate masonry. A single silver stud presses into the base of the spine, engraved with a diminutive wing.
A burnished journal of hammered silver - 7000gp
Burnished to a high shine, a bright plate of silver wraps about a stack of vellum, encasing the thick pages in a sturdy, heavy binding. Soldered to the cover are a pair of diminutive crossed scimitars, a faint gleam passing across the deadly blades. The spine is adorned by a single silver stud, engraved with a diminutive wing, at its base.
A gold and indigo manuscript - 7000gp
The inherent simplicity of this manuscript's design lends an elegance to its masterfully crafted form. No decorations are needed to highlight the expert skill employed in dying process that led to the perfectly even golden hue of the sturdy covering and the intricate scrollwork that accents the bindings is rendered in indigo ink of superior quality. The pages are a fine vellum, each formed by hand to be smooth and flat, inviting any written work it might be put in service for.