Rudolpho Montagenet

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Rudolpho Montagenet is the only son of Dowager Eliza Montagenet, of Ashtan. He left home to marry Camilla Prietta, despite the long-standing rivalry between their families. The lovers used to spend the bulk of their time in Shallam's Ishtar Park.

During the Jaguars crime wave, the young Montagenet was called upon by Blujixapug to help his ailing mother. Despite being told that his mother was being drugged and used by Ysven, Rudolpho could not be swayed to return home. In lieu of entering and facing his mother's wrath he gave Blujixapug a small crystal ball he had taken with him when he fled.

When Shallam was destroyed Rudolpho escaped with Camilla, later following the rest of the refugees to take up residence in the new city-state of Targossas.