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Being one of the most difficult realms to understand or have access to, the "Definition" of Darkness is often kept within the clandestine corners of Achaea. It is categorized as being undefinable, ever-changing, and difficult to pinpoint, much like Twilight.

Core Beliefs of Darkness

  • Darkness is both a spiritual ideal and a physical manifestation of concepts.
  • Darkness is seen as the natural order in which ideas, possibilities, whole worlds, and civilizations spring forth.
  • Darkness is the idea of forbidden knowledge made manifest. The foremost among which is the concept of free thought and agency. Free thought and independence of mind is the fundamental gift offered by Darkness.
  • Darkness teaches that the great illusion of mortality is the idea of laws, morals, rules, and divine edicts being inviolable.
  • Darkness teaches that Gods force false morals upon Their adherents to maintain the act, often demanding binding, restrictive oaths of fealty upon those who enter direct service.
  • Conflict, Strife, Deceit, Identity, and Manipulation are the tools employed by the Dark Lord's chosen followers, to return Darkness to the Natural Order.