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Sahart's was a restaurant named for the founder of Shallam. Located along the Zaphar Promenade near the docks, the restaurant offered a lovely view of the river. Staffed by Nirah, the hostess, Diella, the bartender, and Shai, the head cook, the restaurant offered a bar, a takeout area, a full sit-down restaurant and dining patio, and an orchestra led by Isten, the head musician. To order food, one would simply find a room with a menu and give the correct amount of gold for a dish to one of the three waiters: Amtir, Samel, or Ankur.


Hello, and welcome to Sahart's, Shallam's fine-dining experience! We have a wide variety of meat, seafood, and salad dishes for your eating pleasure, from simple Tomaculan steak to Shallamese swordfish. Our waiters will be happy to assist you from appetizers to dessert, and we hope you enjoy the view of the river.

We also have something unique to our restaurant, a new creation our chef calls pastyl. A soft, cooked paste formed into shapes, it serves as an excellent base for our sauces and seafood dishes. Try some pastyl with shrimp or a creamy cheese sauce!

To order, just give your waiter the exact amount of gold for the dish you wish, and he or she will serve it to you still hot.

Once you order, do not attempt to leave the restaurant with your food. We know Achaeans are always on the go, but if you take a bite and then wander off, you're just going to make a mess! Sit down and enjoy your meal.

If you'd like a drink, we have an excellent selection in the bar, ranging from kawhe to shots to fine wines.


Begin your meal with a little dish to tempt your tastebuds.

Zapharian Seafood Dip - 190 gp
This rich, creamy seafood dip has pieces of shrimp and clam from the river Zaphar, making a perfect, hot sauce for dipping our warm, crusty bread.
Jaruvian Clam Chowder - 150 gp
This chunky, creamy chowder is full of potatoes and succulent clams from across the river. Perfectly seasoned with pepper, it is a nice treat for some of Shallams cooler days.
Tomaculan Beef Broth - 100 gp
This thin, brown soup has chunks of beef and vegetables floating through it, among them large carrots and potatoes.
Summer fruit plate - 120 gp
This dish is an array of ripe fruit, arranged in a delightful, radial arrangement. Peeled apple, orange, and pineapple slices make up most of it, with a handful of cherries around the edges.
Melted Mozarel Sticks - 130 gp
Mozarel, a subtle, white cheese, is coated in seasoned bread crumbs and baked until melting. An array of sauces comes with 12 of these sticks, both spicy and mild.
Fresh Garden Salad - 140 gp
This salads base is crisp, pale-green lettuce, tossed with cucumbers, small tomatoes, peas, and thin carrot slices. A thin dusting of Shal, a somewhat sharp cheese, adds some kick.
Shrimp and Mussel platter - 210 gp
This large seafood dish has a dozen shrimp and as many mussels, steamed and cooked to perfection. A variety of dipping sauces and a lemon flavor this lovely ocean-side platter.

Main dishes

Our main dishes contain a wide range of food, guaranteed to please anyone.

Shrimp a Pastyl - 390 gp
A large plate of pastyl matched with a thick, creamy cheese sauce and large, tender shrimp from nearby sea.
Abielene with sun-dried tomatoes - 370 gp
Abielene is the name for thin pastyl strips, in this case mixed with tangy, sun-dried tomatoes and a light cream sauce, making for a fresh, summery taste.
Peti with tomato sauce - 380 gp
Peti, pastyl in slender tubes, is mixed with a thick, meaty tomato sauce, simmered with onions and a touch of garlic.
Tortel stuffed with cheese and spinach - 385 gp
Tortel, small pastyl squares of white and green, are stuffed with a light, flavorful combination of white cheese and fresh spinach. A light, creamy sauce is drizzled over them.
Capel with Meatballs - 350 gp
Capel, thin pastyl strips, are tossed with a thick, chunky tomato sauce. Bits of seasoned sausage add some flavor, along with some soft balls of ground beef.
Salmon with steamed vegetables - 420 gp
A thick, pink salmon fillet, grilled and served with a combination of brocolli, cauliflower, and carrots in butter sauce.
Swordfish with wild rice - 400 gp
A thick fillet of swordfish, served with a flavorful butter and garlic sauce. Wild rice with carrots supplement the meal.
Clam, mussel, and crawfish platter - 415 gp
This combination dish is an assortment of seafood. A plateful of clams and mussels in their shell along with crawfish are accompanied by a butter sauce and some grilled mushrooms.
Tomaculan slab steak - 500 gp
This thick slab of steak comes imported from Tomaculan comes. A choice cut, it is wonderfully seasoned with salt and pepper, and cooked in a rich sauce. A side of diced, cooked tomatoes comes with it, drizzled with beef juices.
Chicken breast stuffed with asparagus - 480 gp
This tender chicken breast is stuffed with chopped asparagus spears and a slight, mild cheese sauce. A serving of fresh, steamed broccoli rounds out the meal.
Chicken and vegetables - 465 gp
This spicy dish is a mixture of chopped chicken, broccoli, mushrooms,peppers, and carrots, coated with a sweet ginger sauce. Some plain, white rice gives it substance.
Lamb chops with mint - 387 gp
Three tender lamb chops have been cooked and seared to perfection with rosemary and thyme. A small serving of a mint sauce adds an optional flavour, and sweet carrots with butter complete the dish.
Fish and chips - 355 gp
This dish consists of beer-battered cod, a tender type of fish, with an assortment of potato wedges. Some tartar sauce on the side adds flavour.
Large green salad - 300 gp
This impressive salad is a layered dish of lettuce and greens, snowpeas, pearl onions, and celery, with a touch of Shal cheese across the top. A light, tangy cream dressing is recommended.


Finish off your Sahart's meal with a sweet confection!

Pear ladyfinger cake - 195 gp
This lovely yellow cake is infused with layers of pear and chocolate mousse. Cream frosting adorns the top, along with pear slices, while crunchy ladyfinger cookies line the edge of it.
Marzipan cherry wrap - 165 gp
A thin layer of yellow cake is rolled up with a vanilla frosting mixed with cherries. The outside of the wrap is covered in a layer of mellow almond paste.
Hazelnut tort - 215 gp
A chunky, hazelnut cake is layered with chocolate cream, mocha cream, and a bit of plum jam. A thick covering of white chocolate adds to its beauty and taste.
Strawberry cheesecake - 143 gp
This smooth, creamy cake has a hint of cheese in its taste. A graham crust and an adornment of tart strawberries add some additional flavour.
Chocolate cheesecake - 145 gp
A variation on the strawberry. Chunks of chocolate are laced throughout the cheesecake, with a layer of it upon the top.
Meringue palace - 122 gp
A light, fluffy layer of white meringue fashioned into the palace, cradling an assortment of strawberries, bananas, and raspberries in its centre, with a fine, red sauce drizzled atop.
Raspberry icecream - 205 gp
This dish of raspberry icecream is subtlely tart, with an assortment of slender, vanilla cookies protruding from it.
Cookie platter - 135 gp
This platter features an assortment of warm, fresh cookies, such as soft fudge cookies, white chocolate cookies, almond cookies, and a unique pumpkin flavored cookie. Cream and frosting are added on the side."
Platter of sliced strawberries - 360 gold
A silver platter lined with sliced strawberries with a matching bowl of thickly whipped cream in the centre for dipping. Additional slices of strawberry may be purchased from Nirah.