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Eris, Goddess of Chaos
Realm Chaos
Symbols The Golden Apple
Relatives Aegis (husband)

Pandora (daughter)

Pandemonium (son)

Allies See Relatives
Enemies Slith
Order Name None
Temples The Erisian Pyramid

Once an Occultist known as Servelan de Vermiis, Eris became the Goddess of Chaos after She summoned the Unnamable Horror from across time and space, and proceeded to merge unexpectedly with the creature.

Eris was responsible for many chaotic events in Achaea. For instance, the strange land of Bopalopia was created by an Erisian sneeze, which spattered Chaos across the Black Forest. Also in that same forest dwell the Treekin, a product of Eris's practical joke on Demeter. The Goddess of the Wildwood pulled a similar joke on Eris in return, however, and the result was the Primordial Forest of Chaos in the Erisian Pyramid. The Sentinels guild (now house) was gifted apple-green puppies by Eris.

Eris also had the unusual habit of moving through time, and it was She who influenced Emperor Rakmarkha III and capriciously caused the downfall of Kasmarkin. Around the same time, an Erisian timequake brought Silvestri Carnivalis forward six hundred years to found the Jesters Guild in Delos.

The Law of Fives was one of the oldest Erisian Mysterees and described the teachings of Eris, which were divided into five stages: Primal Chaos; Discord; Confusion; Bureaucracy; and the Apocalypse.

Eris was wedded to Aegis, God of War. They had two children together, the twins Pandora, Goddess of Mischief, and Pandemonium, God of Strife.

In the year 476 A.F., Eris, Goddess of Chaos masterminded a grand plot to restore Babel and drain His essence, using the sudden burst of power to propel Herself through time to the moment when the Unnamable Horror entered Creation. From there, She departed through the rift that it had opened, never to return. It was eventually confirmed that Eris had met her Unmaking at some point during her subsequent travails, when Babel gave her wedding ring to Pandora on her coming of age party in the year 811AF.