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Realm Valour
Symbols A star of swords and maces laid against a golden disc engraved with mystical runes, the platinum dragon
Relatives None
Allies Mithraea, Miramar
Enemies None
Order Name None
Temples The Valley of Elysia

Pentharian, God of Valour was the Lord of Righteousness. Ever vigilant against the forces of Evil, Chaos, and Darkness, the Lord of Valour was a champion of Good and Light. Promoting Honour and Valour, He stood against any who would seek to do harm to the innocent.


Once the mortal leader of the Priests and Shallam, Lord Pentharian ascended from the mortal known as Maran La'Saen in the year 261AF by the grace of Sarapis while trying to revive the dead god Deucalion. He went on to accept the mantle of Light from the departed Aurora only a few years later, adopting the platinum dragon as His sigil and styling Himself God of Light and Righteousness.

A priest in the presence of the Divinity once heard Him speak these words just before a great battle, "Those who face danger with certainty and calm will prevail against evil."

Members of his Order were known as Elysians. They served Good, Righteousness, and Valour (a large subset of Valour was a tenet that would also be known amongst the Knights of Achaea as Honor).

Pentharian perished alongside Mithraea in 611 AF, slain during a joint Divine strike against the alien God Bal'met.

Divine Symbols

The primary Divine symbol of Pentharian was a star of swords and maces laid against a golden disc engraved with mystical runes.