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Mithraea, Goddess of the Sun
Realm The Sun
Symbols the eight-pointed star, the mithril sunburst, the unblinking eye, the couchant lion, and the phoenix.
Relatives None
Allies None
Enemies None
Order Name None
Temples Hesperia

Phoebus Mithraea, Ardoris Sidere, was the Goddess of the Sun. A logical and practical Goddess, Mithraea encouraged similar aspects in Her followers, as well as ambition, benevolence, and an open mind. She was known to abhor needless prejudice, cruelty, and destruction. She was an advocate of the healing arts and continually sought new cures to alleviate the maladies of the world.


Mithraea was the immortal realisation of Dawn, the priestess who once resided in Belladona's Keep. Because of her heroic efforts to cleanse the land of the Chaos Taint and restore Eris to life, Dawn was granted the gift of immortality by Sarapis on the 7th of Chronos, 331 AF.

After just a short stay in the mortal realms, Mithraea was captured by the devious Slith. During this time, a portion of her essence coalesced into the child Marisol, Guardian of the Sun, who was hidden as a safeguad on the Isle of New Hope, while She was trapped on a hidden plane for many years. She later escaped and returned to the Prime Material Plane, but after several years She departed once more to attend to a civil war between solar spirits on the sun.

When the alien God Bal'met was raised by the Dala'myrr in 609 AF, Mithraea turned Her attention to Sapience once more, joining in efforts to try to stymie His wave of atrocities against mortal and Divine alike. She perished in an allied strike against Bal'met in 611 AF, Her light consumed in the face of the malicious hunger of the undead Greater Dragon Sycaerunax.

Divine Symbols

The realm of Mithraea abounded in imagery and symbolism. Her most prominent symbols included the eight-pointed star, the mithril sunburst, the unblinking eye, and the couchant lion. One of Her Divine emblems glowed on each point of Her star-shaped shrines.

Eha, a solar seer was a minor spirit of the sun loyal to the goddess. Mithraea's favoured weapon was the Sabre of Dawn.