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A Divine Avatar is a godly representative, a mortal imbued with a tithe of divine essence.

Able to directly channel the divine power of the patron to perform mighty feats and miracles, the avatar state is arguably the highest union a mortal can have with the Divine.


When the Tsol'teth launched their second Black Wave in 724 AF they shattered the shrines of the divine pantheon in order to disable their use against them by the overland. Adventurers who scrambled gathering and subverting the resulting splinters of divine essence over the following months of the war became the first wave of divine avatars, able to restore the shrines of their patrons or enact temporary God-specific miracles.

Imitating the arts of essential warfare from the Tsol'teth, in later years Divine Orders began to launch their own crusades against one another, subverting foreign Divine essence to perform greater miracles - the greatest of which is elevating a true divine avatar. It was the first true avatar of Deucalion that the Arboretum of Enlightenment of Ashtan was incinerated by the Order of Righteous Fire in 738 AF, and it was the blessing of an avatar of Sartan which was instrumental to the replacement of the Mhaldor font, the Heart of Caizehl. The entrapped Tsol'teth watched these developments closely and, in time, raised their own avatar in order to shatter the barrier to secure their escape from the Underrealm, launching the third Black Wave.

First Avatars

God Realm First Avatar Year
Aurora Light Atalkez 746
Babel Chaos Dunn
Deucalion Righteousness Farrah 738
Sartan Evil Proficy 735
Tlalaiad None Ama-maalier 798
Twilight Darkness Krizal 798