Shamtota Hills

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The Shamtota Hills lie south of the Siroccian Mountains and west of Pash Valley, and are bordered on the south by the Southern Road. A deep gorge cuts through the northern hills, near which the gemsmith Aquetane can be found.

Among the hills one can find an abandoned mansion in which Eduarin once took up residence, the Amalaya and nearby orchards, the temple of Lorielan, and the temple of Pentharian. Nestled in the eastern foothills of the Siroccian Mountains lies the town of Nimick.

Intrepid explorers may find the giant dwarf Tordahl here, where he dwells on his hatred of the foul orcs who he claims have driven his people from the Siroccian Mountains.

Flora and fauna

Large pine and oak forests stand atop a ridge; speckled and tawny polecats slink among the Hills, and jasper nuthatches flutter about.