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The Kx'Khrah [kəks-k-rä] are inhabitants of the Crystal Realm. Lorielan discovered the Kx'Khrah just before the Chaos Wars, and was immediately worshipped in a manner worthy of a Goddess such as Herself. She manipulated them, informing them of the chaotic Proteus and how He wished to destroy Ayar's Creation. Outraged, the Kx'Khrah rallied for war in support of the Triumvirate.

The Kx'Khrah are crystalline beings, weak individually but powerful when in groups. They have no gender, and even appear to resemble insects. They have the ability to merge together into complex forms, and to manipulate and harness the powers of sound and light. During the War of Humanity, they were matched up against the Horkval forces of Aegis, who used highly polished shields to reflect the Kx'Khrah's light beams.