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Founded in 333 AF, the Te'Serra Alliance (a.k.a. the Te'Serran Alliance), also just called "the Te'Serra" in Shallamese parlance, was a political and spiritual alliance between Lord Pentharian, Lady Mithraea, Lady Lorielan, and Lady Miramar in governance over Shallam. Like the Triad of the Night in Hashan, this Divine tetrad acted as patrons for Jewel's affairs for centuries. The Te'serra Pavilion once honoured this union within the courtyards of Shallam's royal palace, so named after the official term for Their common bond with each other and the greater Good.

In 6 Miraman 502 the Te'Serra came to the forefront of Shallamese politics when they established the Caliphate, a theocratic city leader office, allowing Them direct political power in Shallam; They had veto and approval power over candidates for Vizier, power to appoint and dismiss the city leader, and power to enact and abolish law and policy.

In 24 Miraman 568 the Te'Serra were instrumental in the dismantling of the Holy Church of Achaea and removal of the Shallamese Royal Palace, raising up the Citadel of Light in its place as a symbol of unity between Church and state. Heralding its rise, they also established the Te'Serran Primary, a unified holy text for the servants of Good. Helmed by the Te'Serra and Caliph of Shallam, the Citadel of Light did not replace the traditional Council of Viziers. It acted as a religious body which championed and commented on the ideals of Light, Righteousness, and Truth, as was formerly the province of the Holy Church. Nonetheless, membership within its crystal walls was essential for higher office in Shallam. The Caliph also oversaw the skillset of Devotion from the Citadel, as empowered by the Te'Serra.

The alliance dissolved when Miramar, Pentharian, and Mithraea were slain in battle with the Worldreaver, its aspirations formally abandoned when Lorielan cut ties with the Jewel of the East in 611 AF.