Crystal Plane

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The Crystal Plane is, as its name implies, a universe of pure crystal. Everything within is sharply angled and lacks anything soft or organic in nature. Within dwell members of the crystalline Kx'Khrah race, who hold within their grasp the control of sound and light through manipulation of wave resonance. The Kx'Khrah are highly disciplined and organised, to the point that they actually possess the ability to merge together to form greater composite beings. Interestingly, the Kx'Khrah have no gender of which to speak. Indeed, Kx'Khrah physiology seems more akin to insects than anything else.

It is here that the Goddess Lorielan swayed the Kx'Khrah to the ideals of the Triumvirate during the War of Humanity. Similarly, it is to here that She and the Aldar Han-Silnar were banished shortly thereafter. She encountered beings of the Jade Order during Her first excursion, and because of this, She primarily used them as Her warriors in battle. This is also what earned Her the title of "Jade Empress" on Sapience, as well as the titles of "Sh'karfa-bah" ("Great Jade Mother") and "Sh'karfa-tl'the Kx'Khrah" ("Great Noble Mother of the Crystal Beings") in the Crystal Realm.

The only known portal to the Crystal Plane can be opened by means of the sunken troll city Kasmarkin in the Mannaseh Swamp, but even then, it serves not to grant entry but to summon Sh'Fah, a Kx'Khrah warrior of the Order of the Ruby Clan, to Sapience. Achaean means of travel to this land are as of yet unknown.