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Frida, a painter, thoroughly enjoys creating masterpieces from her tidy studio in Caer Witrin. She once painted custom creations for adventurers if they purchased of one of her blank canvases.

However, late in the year 444 AF, a loud roar alerted citizens of nearby Cyrene to a horrible tragedy. The peddler delivering new tools and supplies to the artists of Caer Witrin had been mauled by the snow tiger Grimlath. Although she no longer takes commissions at the request of her clients as a result of this development, she keeps a variety of paintings in stock which she rotates often. Her apprentice, a young man named Salai, both copies paintings and sells inks for tattoos and runes.

Frida's Wares

Majestic painting of Shallam - 19000gp
Glinting from the centre of a sprawling, iron-gated city looming within the depths of the Pash Valley, an elevated, magnificent golden dome casts a glittering iridescence over the white-washed buildings that surround it. The sky is awash with gold, orange, and red hues as the sun stretches her delicate, dancing fingers over the land and touches the interior of the city itself. The painting is framed in gold, with a small plaque along its lower edge.
Nighttime painting of Ashtan - 19000gp
The Bastion of the North has been captured in this painting beneath a moonless sky full of stars. Glittering lights from the heavens reflect off the waters of Lake Balaton and the Sapphire Sea to softly illuminate the city, which appears peaceful from this distant vantage. A polished wooden frame surrounds the image and bears an oval plaque made of solid gold along the bottom edge.
Painting of a ghostly cemetery - 16000gp
Shadows and moonlight evoke an aura of mystery and melancholy in this masterfully rendered painting of an ages-old cemetery. An ominous mist drifts among the gnarled trees and headstones that mark the graves, bordered by a neglected iron fence that is beginning to rust. The silhouette of a tall mansion stands proudly against the midnight blue backdrop of the sky, with a smattering of clouds veiling the face of the distant moon. A lacquered frame of ebony borders the piece, with a small silver plaque along its base.
Painting of a snowy mountain village - 20000gp
This painting depicts a quaint village nestled between the snowy mountain peaks of the Southern Vashnars. Thin ribbons of smoke drift upward from the cottage chimneys, and the detailed figures of children and snow leopards roaming the streets are painted with delicate strokes. Above the town, the sky is resplendent with the vibrant hues of sunset, highlighting the pristine snow with soft blues and pinks and casting the entire piece in a golden glow. A thin frame of ebony gives a finished appearance to the piece, and along its lower edge is a small silver plaque.
Painting of a treetop village at daybreak - 19000gp
The rising sun breaks over the heart of a lush forest in this elaborate painting, casting a golden glow upon the verdant leaves that crown Eleusis. Weaving amongst each other, the upper branches of the great oaks form pathways among the greenery, leading to natural dwellings patrolled by the shadowy figures of dryads, tsol'aa, and treekin. With fine brush strokes and vibrant hues, the scenery is rendered with lifelike detail, as though the painting were simply the view from an open window. Completed by a golden frame embossed with an ivy motif, a small plaque along the base bears the title of the work.
Painting of a village in spring - 19000gp
Blossoms fill the air in the foreground of this painting in light shades of pink and lavender, mingled with a handful of emerald green leaves. The cobbled town centre of New Thera lies beyond, water flowing freely from the tree-shaped fountain into its basin. A number of native Therans are depicted in the piece, bright smiles upon their faces as they relish the coming of spring in their bustling village. At the end of the street, far past the central meeting place rises the stately profile of the Lucretian Athenaeum, the gleaming white stone a shining beacon for scholars. Set within a frame of polished white oak, the piece bears a thin plaque of gold along the bottom.
Painting of Mhaldor viewed from the Northern Vashnars - 19000gp
The dense, crimson fog surrounding the city of Mhaldor has been captured upon this canvas with vivid strokes of oil paint, swirling around the mountain that once trapped the malevolent God of Evil. Bubbling tar pits, piked heads, and impaled corpses litter the island's scarred landscape, while black thunderclouds gather over Baelgrim Fortress at the heart of the city. Within the face of the mountain is a massive gatehouse looming over a wide moat, both protecting the entrance to the city of Suffering and Oppression. Framed in obsidian, a simple plaque at the base of the piece bears a short inscription.
Painting of Scarlatti and Selene - 20000gp
The Divine figures of Scarlatti and Selene are pictured here, walking hand in hand among the snowy streets of Caer Witrin in commemoration of the Great Bard's gift to the Lady. A shower of snowflakes drifts all about, gleaming like jewels upon doorsteps and rooftops of the surrounding village, while a half-dozen magnificent snow leopards pose humbly before the Gods. When viewed from a sharp angle, the outlines of several crystalline arachnids are barely visible against the icy backdrop. Completing the painting is a frame of delicate silver embossed with snowflakes, a small plaque along its lower edge bearing the work's title.
Painting of snow blossoms - 15000gp
This simple still-life painting features a generous pile of small white blossoms filling a shallow bowl of cobalt blue. The tiny, bell-shaped flowerets are painted with meticulous detail, each dainty petal tinged with a hint of pink. Paired with a tall vase of amber-hued glass and a ripe orange, the arrangement rests upon a wooden table against a dark backdrop. The artwork is framed with finely grained wood that closely matches the table in the painting, and along its lower edge is a small golden plaque.
Painting of the city of Cyrene - 19000gp
Depicted under the deepening skies of night and illuminated by the rising moon, the mountainous city of Cyrene spreads before the peaks of the Southern Vashnars upon this canvas. Rising from its centre is the majestic clock tower, surrounded by a glittering tapestry of miniscule lights from the shops and homes at its base. The stars and moon highlight the gently rocking waves of Lake Muurn at the city's southern edge, while spreading his wings above the city is the graceful figure of the guardian dragon Blu. A decorative silver frame encases the piece, with a recess at the base bearing a calligraphic inscription.
Painting of the moon over Hashan - 19000gp
Painted with delicate brush strokes, trees grow thickly over the snow-covered terrain of this cityscape's background. Upon the horizon, a red moon rises in a sky awash with purple wisps of cloud, the remaining yellow light of the setting sun, and the blue of the sky overhead. Reflected in the patches of snow visible from this vantage, the light of the firmament overhead illuminates the walls and blackened surroundings of a great city in the midst of the thickest part of the forest. Buildings crafted of black marble and the occasional splash of vibrant white stand stark and stolid within the wilderness, following before fading into two roads that disappear almost immediately within the foliage of the North Ithmia to the north and south. A small plaque at the bottom of the obsidian frame bears the piece's title in flowing script.
Painting of two snow leopards - 18000gp
This painting portrays a regal snow leopard resting upon the bare earth in a rocky grotto. She reclines on her side with one paw protectively wrapped around her sleeping cub, her watchful eyes looking solemnly outward. Every hair in their snowy coats is defined with precise brush strokes, each whisker meticulously drawn to give the pair an eerily lifelike appearance. Polished silver embossed with a pattern of snowflakes frames the painting, with a small inscription at its base to impart the work's title.