Sapphire Sea

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The Sapphire Sea is a north-temperate sea of the Sefyric Ocean that spans up the west coast of Sapience north of Ashtan. It expands up along the Granite Hills and past the Northreach Forest, ending with its enclosure into a wide gulf by the Ishana Peninsula on its west side. Along the Northreach-Dardanic coastline, the waters of the Sapphire are fed by the terminus of the Bitterflow River.

Major ports include:

Natural resources of the Sapphire Sea include abundant fish populations such as whiskerknot skrei, stripefish, two-headed fish, giant hatchetfish, coelacanth, spotted fangtooth, duskfin tuna, and redfin tuna. Geryas are known to lair in the sea caves of the Rheodine cliffsides, and cormorants, otters, and sandpipers populate the rocky shores of the sea.