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Spiders are found normally in the darker parts of Achaea. These eight-legged arachnids are not found in terribly large variety but where they reside they can be numerous.

Spiders around Achaea

The following is a list of locations of spiders and their species within Sapience. All spiders use web, which works like a web tattoo, but some have more interesting afflictions.

Several sizes of spiders ruled by Lachesis, the Spider Queen
Black Warren
Small grey spiders skitter about the labyrinthine tunnels of the secret rats lair.
Caer Witrin
Crystal spiders - afflict with Loki venom
Giant human-spider hybrids called Arachnoi, as well as huge pulsating spiders
Darkenwood Barrow
Giant spiders
Fissure of Echoes
Monstrous crystal spiders
Whisper, watch, gamling, spiders used as by the Tsol'dasi as offensive mounts like the Tsol'aa of old.
Lupine Hunting Grounds
Silver spiders - afflict with Loki, and also guaranteed paralysis and/or stupidity
Mirror Caves
Jade spiders
Armoured nahar spiders
Nilakantha, Gulf of
Gigantic silver sea spiders roam aggressively
Nigh-invisible celestial spiders
Saiha'balan Grotto
Gargantuan orbweaver spiders which live amongst the local Tsol'aa
Sea Lion Cove
Vampire spiders (hatchling, normal, giant and albino)
Crystal spiders - afflict with Loki venom
Zaphar Isle
Banana spiders


Spiders aren’t generally known for being loyals, although some adventurers have them for pets. The Lady Selene had a silver spider within Her temple as a guard of sorts.