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Selene, Goddess of Beauty and Love
Realm Beauty and Love
Symbols The Silver Spider, The Spider Web, silver rose
Relatives None
Allies None
Enemies None
Order Name None
Temples Temple of Beauty, in the Dardanic Grasslands

Selene, Goddess of Beauty and Love was the concealed visage of true beauty. She sought to share Her view of the world with all who wish to learn it. Although most mortals were content with their own unique views of love, Selene tried to help them recognise that Love had no boundaries and encompassed many different elements while still remaining faithful unto itself.


Selene is the second divine to hold dominion over this realm. Originally merely a dream of Sarapis during His period of slumber during the Year 350, the goddess passed from the dreamrealm into full reality through the aid of Valnurana and a collection of mortals who bolstered Her will. Upon his awakening, the Logos stripped Eros, the former God of Love and Beauty, of His status and transfered the mantle to Selene.

In the year 611 AF, having rescued Her beloved Lupus from being destroyed by Bal'met, She was visited by the Worldreaver in an attempt to finish the job He once started. Selene, trying to protect Her love, was no match, and was killed.

Divine Symbols

The holy symbol of Selene was the silver spider, and her weapon of choice the Crossbow of Heartbreak.