Castomira Brangwin

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Duchess of Aster Malik and consort of Duke Lucius Errikale, Castomira Brangwin was the childhood friend of Catarin deSangre, and a direct descendant of Adchachel, whose long-ago absorption of Tsol'teth power had tainted the bloodline and manifested itself in Castomira.

The evil within Castomira propelled her to seek out and destroy Catarin and rule the Seleucarian Empire, and during the first War of Succession she led a failed attempt to place Catarin's brother, Mycale, upon the throne. Following Lucius and Mycale's deaths, Castomira went into hiding, where she bore a child, Parni, Mycale's heir and possible successor to the throne. She later emerged from hiding once more to lead her followers against the Catarine forces, but was eventually defeated and killed.