Aetolian Saga

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The Aetolian Saga was a dark time for Achaeans, and it began in 287 AF with the return of Phaestus to the realms. The Smith spoke of a mysterious being called the "Other," Who had imprisoned Him inside His Hammer for many years. Shortly thereafter, the Gods began to lose Their memories, denying recent events and confusing Achaeans. Those of the Order of Valnurana were the next to hear of the mysterious Other, Whose arrival seemed imminent.

Initially killing Achaeans at random and changing the races of many to those of Satyrs and Sirens, the Other revealed Himself with force, causing great disturbances to the weather in the land. Soon, a gilded chest fell from the sky. The key to this chest was discovered to be in the possession of the Great Mhunna, and after a great many casualties to obtain it, Shakti Devi finally succeeded in doing so and opening the chest. A giant, flaming arrow then flew from the chest and headed for Shallam, where it struck with fury, demolishing the Chrysalis Basilica and leaving a gaping hole in its wake. A second chest promptly fell from the sky, and after retrieving its key, Charlotte Vouivre opened the second chest, releasing a fiery vortex over Hashan that caused the deaths of all gathered there.

At this point, the Other revealed Himself to be Varian, a being from outside Creation and Whose intent was to make Achaea His own. To prevent this from happening, Sarapis created a mirror image of Achaea to which Varian was banished, as the Logos was unable to simply destroy Varian. This new world was named Aetolia, severed from Achaea, and set on its own course.

Lasting effects of the Aetolian Saga include the founding of the Shamans and Runewardens, as well as the rediscovery of Cyrene.