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Marriage, a social agreement between two people who pledge themselves to one another, is a common event in Achaea. The first formal wedding in the Modern Age was held in the year 196 AF between Changcoix and Morlana. It took place in the Wedding Chamber of Maya in the Chrysalis Basilica in Shallam. Afterwards, Sarapis invited the wedding guests to the Crystal Leaf Inn to celebrate the happy union.

Two adventurers can only wed once they have been engaged for at least 24 months. The marriage can be made official either by Gods or by sufficiently ranked members of a Divine Order or House. An adventurer's marital status, including engagement and divorce, can be found in his or her honours.

If the happy couple entering into a marriage find that the grass is not greener on the other side of that threshold, then they may divorce. This process costs 10,000 gold and, save for a special artefact, the divorcement leaves a permanent stain upon the honours description of the couple.