Lantis DeGage

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During the years nearing the War of the Deeps, "Lucky" Lantis DeGage was a dwarven architect who was charged with all public works from the gates of Ashtan to Lake Vundamere. He designed the Shunai Bridge, as well as the Chapel of All Gods near Thera. When the War of the Deeps finally reared its head, Duke Gravin of Ashtan appointed him as the liaison with Ashtan's Occultist cabal. Though as an architect, his personal accounts of collapsing tunnels and stopping battering rams were based much closer to home than those of the soldiers amid battlefields of steel and blood, his take on the Battle of Ashtan was nevertheless invaluable in illuminating both the strategies implemented by the Bastion of the North and the raw power of the Tsol'teth.

Lukia DeGage, of Ashtan's DeGage Architecture and Construction Services, is Lantis's direct descendant.