Damen Kephry

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Lord Damen Kephry was a high-ranking member of the Guild of Knights until its disbanding during the Wars of Succession. He corresponded regularly throughout the war with his wife, Margaux. Throughout the first War of Succession, he was primarily supportive of Prince Mycale. When Mycale was killed and the first war ended, people assumed he would be loyal to Castomira as well. He used this to his advantage, his loyalty lying secretly with Catarin. During the fight between Catarin and Castomira that broke out at a dinner party at Count Xenius' manor, Damen tossed the princess the Staff of Nicator. He regretted this later, though, as Castomira's forces exacted their revenge upon his wife and children. Nevertheless, he stood by Catarin's side as she forged ahead into Imperial Seleucar; he alone travelled with her, via the Staff of Nicator, into the palace where Castomira dwelled. They might have come to love one another, Catarin and Damen, after years' grievance for their respective loves... had Castomira not blasted a hole in Damen's back, killing him instantly.

Damen Kephry's sword was called the Catarine Defender, later known as the Bringer of Tears.