Minorus Basilica

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The Minorus Basilica was the Church fortress located at the top of the Cyclade during the Shallamese occupation of Ashtan. The fortress housed the priests and their contingent of templars until the uprising by Zarathustra. When their puppet king was disemboweled and hung from the gates, the residents quickly vacated the fortress.

The Kharon filled the vacancy and lived within the stone walls for several generations. During that time, they held dominion over Sapience during the Kharon Empire and their successive attempts to reestablish it. When the Kharon moved from Ashtan to Hashan, the guild took their home with them, moving the structure brick by brick and leaving only a faint skeleton behind in the wake of their exodus.

Years later, the foundation would be used to build the Ashuran Monastery, thus part of the ancient fortress remains in Ashtan while its main body is now a fixture of Hashan.