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Battle figurines are enchanted action figures which can be activated to battle against one another. The collectible magical dolls are usually available through limited-time promotions whilst some, like the city set, are for sale in the Shop of Wonders in Delos. Others still are available as talismans.

List of Figurines

Type Name Set
Pazuzu Pazuzu, the Demon Prince Mythos
Han-Tolneth dragon-borne Han-Tolneth Mythos
Gruul Gruul, Overlord of Arn Mythos
Yen-Sorte Battlemaster Yen Sorte Mythos
Enheduanna Enheduanna, the Legion's thrall Mythos
Han-Silnar Han-Silnar, the Condemned Mythos
Bard a horkval bard City
Occultist a grook occultist City
Priest a dwarven priest City
Sentinel a tsol'aa sentinel City
Shaman a mhun shaman City
Headless horseman a headless horseman Mayaween
Ironbeard Ironbeard, the Magnanimous Logosmas
Sandman Logosmas sandman Logosmas
Maelstrom Captain Maelstrom Seafaring
Ashaxei Ashaxei, the White Dragon none
Sycaerunax Sycaerunax, the Father of Dragons none
Lafrin Dauntless Lafrin Death
Ophal Dauntless Ophal Death
Callibius Hooded figurine of Callibius Quisalis
Makarta Lord Makarta Quisalis
Grandmaster Grandmaster of the Quisalis Quisalis
Atlantia Princess Atlantia Quisalis
Prioska Prioska, Ur'Vampire of illusion Undeath
Gerzson Gerzon, the Strategist Undeath
Asztrik Ur'Vampire Asztrik Undeath
Tizane Tizane, emerald Ur'Vampire Undeath
Zigana Zigana, Ur'Vampire of flames Undeath
Slith Prince Slith, Lord of the Undead Undeath
Ugrach Ugrach, former Lord of the Undead Undeath
Gattan'lier Overlord Gattan'lier Black Wave
Agith'maal Overlord Agith'maal Black Wave
Terrin'ukia Overlord Terrin'ukia Black Wave
Ithin'urai Forsaken Ithin'urai Black Wave
Agith'tai Tsol'teth Agith'tai Black Wave
Gattan'bahar Gattan'bahar, the Secret Storm Black Wave
Parni deSangre Parni deSangre, Seleucar's Doom Black Wave
Hecate Hecate, the Crone Bride Wheel of Fortune
Haldoran Haldoran La'Saen Wheel of Fortune
Dreadpilar a mighty Dreadpilar Yggdrasil
Lltharax Lltharax, Emissary of Kkractle New Year
Asahana Asahana, Emissary of Sllshya New Year
Ulghoch Ulghoch, Emissary of Garash New Year
Uacyll Uacyll, Emissary of Whiirh New Year
Varies Featureless battle figurine Contenders
Glaaki Glaaki, the Eldritch Ascendant Antagonists
Zafikel Zafikel, Prime Exarch of Nur Antagonists
Titania Titania, the Dryad Queen Antagonists