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Glaaki, Eldritch Ascendant, is the current ruler of the Chaos Plane, having overthrown Jy'Barrak Golgotha just before the turn of the 8th century AF.


Amidst the most murky and ancient past of the Second Chaos wars, two thralls rose above the rest, their power, their ingenuity, and their cunning setting them apart from the fodder bred and served to the Infernal legions. The first of the meat to reach cognizance was Glaaki, the second thrall Golgotha.Glaaki's worth was realised by the Infernal leaders, Zsarachnor and Pazuzu. He was summarily 'acquired', a necromancy-loathing weapon to be turned against the rebelling thralls, and thus preventing his specialist knowledge from being used against the legions. Intractable, at best, Glaaki was deemed too difficult to be of use, too dangerous to release, and too powerful to kill. The combined efforts of Pazuzu and Slith imprisoned the Chaos Lord betwixt time and realm.

Rise to Power

Around 691AF, it was discovered that a group from the Occultist House had rescued Glaaki many years prior and secured him in their House estate. Soon after, finding out that Glaaki was released, paranoia seized Golgotha, and he mustered his chaos legions to capture him. Siege erupted against the city of Ashtan, as chaos met rival chaos, and even the Spawn of the Unnamable Horror flew rampant through the city streets in an orgy of blood. As the situation became more dire, the Guardian of the Warlocks of the Rising Phoenix and the Demiurge of the Occultists met with the Overseer, resolving to enact Glaaki's plan: to release their captive phoenix and the Living Book of Eschaton to breach the Chaos Plane. Glaaki arrived at the volcanic ascent at the head of an army but traversed its magmic flows alone to meet Golgotha in solo combat. Only then did Glaaki reveal his trump card: Golgotha's true name. Reciting the secret name of the Emperor, he brought the lord weak and trembling to his knees. And so Glaaki took his position as Imperator of the Infernal seat.

Celebrating triumph over his foe, a battle figurine takes his likeness.