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Zafikel, the Prime Exarch is a powerful angel who discovered the Aldar city of Nur shortly after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire and experimented with its abandoned apparatuses for his own purposes. Leader of a rebel faction of blind seraphim, the exarch has a demonstrable hatred of mortalkind and decries Celestia's association with them. As an angel, Zafikel is a dazzling specimen of proud fury, towering eleven feet and flanked by three pairs of mighty wings.

Zafikel's rescuing and unmaking of the doomed archangel Yareve brought the attention of adventurers to the existence of Nur and of Saar-elan at its heart, leading to the founding of the Psion class in 789 AF.

Spring of 870 would see Chaos unfold in Ashtan, a temporal anomaly, and the rise of the Unnamables. The Prime Exarch descended in the wake of this chaos to lead an army of rebel angels against Targossas, which was itself embroiled in combatting the Spawn of the Unnamable Horror conjured by Ashtan. Casting defending forces aside one by one, Zafikel sundered the Targossian devotional link to Mizal and Ziel - exarchs which had lain dormant beneath the Dawnspear - before departing with the essence of the duo. The impact of the dissolution impacted every devotionist: priests were shielded by their angels yet every paladin suffered the loss of their Devotion. Only through entreaty to Deucalion would paladins later find restoration in the crusadic skill Excision.

Noting his antagonistic stance against the status quo, a battle figurine has been made in his likeness.