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The Mhun race hails from the depths of Moghedu, their home made many years ago. They are an offshoot of the human race, originating from Ceylon, where a terrible plaque had ravaged. Many left their home, wandering into the Mhojave Desert, where they stayed for a year, hoping to purge the remnants of the sickness. The survivors made their way into the southern part of the desert and came across what we now know as Moghedu - a vast series of caves and caverns.

As generations passed, the people evolved. The once soft, supple skin of these humans turned hard and leathery from the harsh conditions of the desert and their underground dwelling. The harsh living environment has forced them to be survivors and though they command perhaps less respect than the other races, they are wily, clever opponents. It is said by some that the mhun as a race seek to someday enter back into the glory in which they once resided. Mhun rarely hold leadership positions, as their first loyalty is generally to their race, rather than to their house or city.

Of human size, mhun are a bit weaker, but more agile. Most often they have lithe, wiry, or skinny frames, but it is not uncommon to see a heavily muscled mhun. They are seldom overweight. Their skin is naturally pale or wan but tans easily, and their features are typically sharp and angular. Those of pure Moghedu ancestry have slanted, opaque eyes and wide, thin-lipped mouths, but these features are not definitive, and some mhun are nearly indistinguishable from their human brethren. Overwhelmingly, though, their hair and eye colour is black or dark brown; light or red hair and pale eyes are very uncommon.

Mhun are known for their love of mining and loyalty to each other and their leader, the Great Mhunna.

Racial Specialisations

Specialisation Str Dex Con Int
Unspecialised 12 13 11 12
Keeper 14 13 11 11
Scout 12 15 10 12
Bodyguard 12 12 13 12
Conjurer 11 13 11 14

Racial Skills

The Mine Dwellers have:

  • Can see in low light conditions.
  • Have extra movement.