Parni deSangre

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Parni deSangre, Seleucar's Doom was the son of Castomira Brangwin and Prince Mycale deSangre of Seleucar. Castomira conceived him intending to use make use of his royal blood to gain control over the Staff of Nicator. After his mother's defeat and death, the boy was adopted and raised by his aunt, Catarin deSangre, who gave him the proper upbringing of a possible heir to the throne. The queen hid his Tsol'teth ancestry and the evil intentions of his birth mother from him as best she could. Parni is said to have grown up moody and rebellious but not at all cruel or hateful.

Parni later disappeared mysteriously during a hunting trip, his companions found gruesomely dismembered in the woods. It is unknown what exactly happened that night, but historians say that he made a dramatic emergence centuries later, an appearance which spelled the doom of the Seleucarian Empire.

Parni's second appearance on the world stage occurred seven centuries later. In 725 AF it was revealed that he had been living under the assumed identity of a solitary Tsol'teth named Tenith'oru, his only company that of a human protege, the child sorceress Kosuira. When his protege was taken from him by the Tsol'teth he did his best to reclaim her, but his efforts were hampered by a reticence to reveal his true identity. Finally Parni reclaimed his birthright, using the famed Staff of Nicator to kill her captor, the Tsol'teth Agith'tai, named the Blue Fang. Unfortunately, he arrived far too late; Kosuira's injuries claimed her shortly afterwards. In the throes of grief and madness Parni tried to reverse time to resuscitate her, but she perished again, countless Achaeans beholding the tragic scene. Swearing vengeance and full of spite, he revealed the arts of Shadowmancy and research trees of Terminus to Achaea, encouraging adventurers to use the Tsol'teth secrets for the doom of the race. Combined with his studies of Aeonics, the skills became the foundation of the Depthswalker class.

Parni deSangre's hatred for his kin is captured in both a mystical card and a Black Wave-themed battle figurine.