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Garash, the Immovable Mountain, reigns over Elemental Earth as one of the four powerful leaders of the elements referenced in the Mythos of Achaea (the other three being Kkractle, Sllshya, and Whiirh). Though possessed of incomprehensibly foreign thought-patterns, this Elemental Lord was nonetheless forced into compliance with the Triumvirate's goals during the War of Humanity through the God Agatheis's newfound power of elemental control. Though unable to leave his elemental plane, Garash was able to increase Agatheis's elemental ability from afar, such that the God could summon vast armies of earth elementals with which to carry out His bidding on Nishnatoba.

To this day, the whereabouts and intentions of Garash remain unfathomable and unknown to all.

The shackle of Garash artefact is his namesake.