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The fearsome Dreadpilar is a monstrous caterpillar of awful power living in the Stone Forest of Drauger plane. Owing to its name and kill count, many adventurers have postulated Dreadpilars are the larval state of an unknown yet obviously terrifying arthropod of titanic malice. A thousand plates of purple chitin stretch dozens of yards along the Dreadpilar's bloated length and shadow precedes the gouging clacking of its scores of bladed feet as it moves amongst the treemite swarms of its petrified domain.

As revealed by a Tash'la professor during the first Worlds' Fair, the Treemites and the Dreadpilar are known thorough the Multiverse with such sundry names as 'the Scourge' and 'Worldkillers'. It was them who destroyed and devoured Avinaar.

A Dreadpilar battle figurine embodies its terrible might.