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Ashaxei, the White Dragon of Han-Tolneth, resided in the Parthren Gare, the plane of the Greater Dragons. This regal, opalescent heroine played her part in the War of Humanity when the Aldar Han-Tolneth rode into battle upon her back, with a legion of dragons following, to come to the aid of the Gods.

Ashaxei bestowed the soul of the Greater Dragon to the first adventurer to attain the 99th level, Aringar Claros, in 317 AF; in total, she awarded this honour to over 100 others.

Stabbed through the heart by the vermicular Dala'myrr of Krenindala, Ashaxei perished in 609 AF over the Mhojave Desert. Ashaxei's Mirror, a glassy landmark raised by the grieving Han-Tolneth, stands in memorial of her within a crater in the desert.

The Mother of Dragons is further memorialised in the Ashaxei mystical card and battle figurine.