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The Fae Shop is a virtual shop open only during special promotions. Adventurers can purchase rare items as well as fae-themed artefacts using shining teardrops acquired from sprites.

Fae versions of existing items

ID Item Price
1 a amulet of the Unsidhe 160td
2 a Sidhe diadem 200td
3 a coral staff of illusions 100td
4 a magnificent kelpie 10td
5 a satyri cornucopia 50td

Unique fae artefacts

ID Item Price Description
1 a jagged fae sword 100td When beheaded by this sword, the recently disembodied head will speak, reporting all that the initial owner says for a quarter day, or until their next death
2 a tear-stained cauldron 200td Gain resistance to a damage type and lower resistance to other damage types
3 a hollowed length of selkie bone 3td BLOW <blowgun> AT <target> to apply a random effect similar to Seasone's miscellaneous flasks.
4 a black fang 20td wishing oneself out of Annwyn becomes a much more exciting affair
5 a silvery tank of enticement 100td Charge this tank with Annwyn-based adventurer kills, then activate for an adduction effect
6 a smoked glass sundial 180td Grants a critical hit and experience bonus against the Unsidhe during the day and against Sidhe during the night.