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Flying is the means by which one traverses the open skies of Achaea, and it possesses its own advantages and disadvantages. While airborne, your visibility in the wilderness will be unhindered by terrestrial obstacles such as trees and mountains, and your range of scope will be increased in general. Naturally, ground-based threats cannot hurt you (unless said threats have flying abilities of their own). Being well above the canopy, flyers may LAND within the TREES at their pleasure.

On the negative side, airborne individuals are more susceptible to weather effects; powerful winds and the like will toss flyers about in the open air, though this can be prevented with a Brooch of the Tempest artefact. Those who find themselves falling asleep while in the air, those who are brought down by a gravity vibe, those who purposely DIVE into the solid earth, or anyone who finds themselves in midair without proper means of flight may sustain immense damage unless protected by a levitation elixir or feather tattoo.

In the air, the exits seen will usually be the same as those upon the ground. Simply GLANCE DOWN to reveal what stands upon the earth below. It should be noted that dropping fragile items from the sky will cause such objects to shatter and be destroyed upon impact.

Flying can be achieved many ways, including but not limited to:

Flying adventurers may be spied from the ground with the Vision ability to spot flyers and may be returned to the ground with either a tentacle tattoo or the whirlwind of Vastar enchantment.